We are excited to be providing service to your community since December 31, 2014!

Here is a little summary of our services we will be providing you:

Windy days make for a big mess.  Help us help you get rid of your disposables.  Bag it up!  This greatly diminishes fly-away items during collection whether it's done by manual labor or automation.  Thanks so much for your help!
  • Trash is limited to what will fit inside the provided cart with the lid closed.
  • Please only place bagged trash inside cart
  • Place cart with arrows facing street (if the cart does not have arrows, bar facing street, wheels in back) at the curb, leaving 3 ft. clearance around the cart
  • Overage stickers may be purchased at Edgerton City Hall.
  • Please do not place items on top of the cart or tie down the lid.
  • From Dec 26th through Dec 31st, we will be collecting up to an additional 10 bags of trash

  • No limits to recycle!  If you regularly set out more than the cart will hold, please contact Edgerton City Hall for an additional cart.
  • Contact us if you would like a larger recycle container ($1 per month).
  • We also accept junk mail, bagged shredded paper and phone books.
  • Flatten cardboard.  Rinse all containers - lids and labels OK.
  • Unacceptable:  food/grease stained items, trash, scrap metal and glass.
  • Ripple Glass has a dumpster in the Gardner Price Chopper parking lot for glass food & beverage containers.
Holiday waste that can be placed in recycle container:
  • Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags
  • Paper Gift Bags
  • Christmas Cards and Envelopes
  • Paper & Plastic Decorations
  • Tin Foil Food Plates & Pans (food free)
  • Plastic Bags
  • Bagged Shredded Paper
    Accepted items:

    • 8 item weekly limit (1 bag or bundle is considered one item)
    • March, April, August, September, October & November weekly limit is 12 items
    • Grass, plant clippings and leaves are to be placed in biodegradable paper bags
    • Tree limbs (3" max in diameter) need to be cut down to 4 ft lengths and tied with string
    • Please do not place yard waste in carts, cans or other containers
    • Overage stickers may be purchased at Edgerton City Hall

        • Must be called in by the end of business day Monday for Wednesday pick up
        • 1 furniture item per week is included in your standard rate; thereafter it is an additional fee
        • Non-Freon related appliances and additional furniture are $10 per item.  
        • Construction & demolition and bulk clean out piles are by bid only.  Please contact our office.
        • Consider a dumpster for large clean-out jobs.

            Some non-household waste items that cannot be disposed of:
            • Vehicle batteries
            • Paint
            • Oil and other vehicle liquid waste
            • Hazardous medical waste
            • Anything else listed on the container as hazardous or toxic
              Johnson County residents can dispose of hazardous waste
              at these locations:

              City of Olathe Hazard Collection Facility
              Johnson County Environmental HHW Collection Facility


              CART INFORMATION
              • Please contact Edgerton City Hall for cart replacement or to request additional carts

                • Pick up day is Wednesday for all provided services
                • Carts and items must be set out for pick-up by 7:00 a.m.
                • We will be working closely with the City of Edgerton to accommodate for special requests as  well as resolving any issues that may arise.  Please do not hesitate to contact Edgerton City Hall or our office should you have any questions, issues or compliments!
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